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Maximize Value for Your Clients

Are you ready to unlock opportunities for your CPA firm? We’ve worked in partnership with a CPA firm for over 10 years, so we know the intricacies of what it takes. We provide wealth management solutions for CPAs to succeed in the industry.

Critical Client Experience

Ever-evolving technology that drives performance.

If your client doesn’t have a good experience, that will hugely and negatively impact both the advisor and the CPA firm as a whole. By employing robust firm management technology, your clients will feel more confident and secure with your services.

  • Envestnet Tamarac
  • Money Guide Pro
  • Charles Schwab
  • Fidelity


The Sophistication of a Wall Street Firm, Without the Bureaucracy.

Robust wealth management services

We’ve noticed if an accounting firm with a wealth management extension doesn’t have a high-quality wealth management platform, they are typically missing out on huge opportunities.

Private label your current CPA practice

At COSYNTRIS, we can help you create a wealth management solution for your CPA firm, utilizing the brand you’ve worked so hard to build. In doing so, you maintain your autonomy instead of being lumped into a larger wealth management firm.

Maintain your client relationship

Maintain your clients’ best interest. Unlike larger financial institutions, we help you stay in control of your clients’ experience. CAN understands the nature of the CPA-client relationship and your importance, and sees itself as simply an extension of that relationship.

Compliance Services

We take care of compliance services for you. All of the required licensing, registrations, contracts, and required documentation will be overseen by our professional compliance team.


How it works


During this phase, we clearly define the relationship and set up the company, including all necessary contracts, solicitor agreements, and registration requirements. Let’s “date before we marry” with a soft launch!


This is the client introduction phase. We create a marketing strategy specific to your client base and define the client on-boarding process. We also check to ensure accountability is in place and permanent personnel needs are satisfied. Then, we educate any existing employees as needed, and integrate all necessary technology.


In the third phase, we start staffing your firm, continue to leverage COSYNTRIS’s resources to build your practice, and implement a branding strategy. Our firm will do everything from logo and naming work, to helping set up a custom presence for your firm, and no one else’s.

COSYNTRIS strives to be the best RIA consulting firm, because we have your back by setting you up for future success. During the management phase, the goal is long-term, profitable, mutually beneficial relationships with clients choosing your firm.

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At COSYNTRIS, we want to discuss your needs and goals to identify the best strategy for you and your firm. Tell us a little bit about your firm and COSYNTRIS will reach out to discuss your options.

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