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About Cosyntris Advisory Network

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About Cosyntris Advisory Network

COSYNTRIS Advisory Network is a full-service registered investment adviser consultant that seeks partners from across the country focused on enhancing and growing their practices through a cutting-edge technology platform, a flexible practice model, and collaborative, peer-supported culture.



Our Mission

We believe in a simple philosophy:
One plus one is greater than two, and only together can we make it a reality.

Our Vision

We believe that advisors and professionals are the most important people in guiding individuals and companies to mutual success in all areas when it relates to money.

We strive every day to continue to grow and expand our network with firms that get it. We believe there are no shortcuts, and that long-term success is a direct result of doing the right thing—for each other and our clients. We and our partners will always look to innovate, evolve, and grow side by side.

our story

It all started with a challenge

In early 2007, Trevor Emery and Micah Lang were confronted with a challenge: whether it was possible to set up a financial service firm to provide objective, client-focused financial and investment management services but with the culture of a medium-sized (and growing) accounting firm.


Frustration with Wall Street

Working in a large Wall Street firm was both frustrating and oppressive to their wish to not only be entrepreneurs, but also truly objective advocates for their clients.

the start

Cosyntris Advisory Network

In November of 2007, the dream was realized when the accounting firm’s vision, and their overwhelming feeling to control their own destiny, intersected.

The birth of what would become COSYNTRIS Advisory Network and ACM Wealth solutions was born. In 2012, in building a complex Registered Investment Advisor, Trevor and Micah and their strategic partner ACM realized that there was something more. A scalable, full-service suite of tools to run a registered investment adviser consultancy firm with the ability to have a national footprint.

the start

Cosyntris Today

Since then, they have worked to put a team together to help professionals build their own firms and realize the dream that began for them in 2007.

Today, COSYNTRIS ADVISORY NETWORK works with hundreds of professionals all over country and will always focus on their mission of collective success.

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