A Collaborative, Synergistic Wealth Management Solution

for CPAs, Advisors, and RIAs

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a win-win

COSYNTRIS is an Innovative, Connective
Entity in the RIA and CPA Sphere.

We work every day to be the best comprehensive RIA partner to start your own investment firm from scratch or to gain knowledge and grow by leveraging our network.

Synergistic Partnerships

COSYNTRIS connects professionals across industries in the financial, tax, legal, and other professions to provide virtual wealth management solutions for a broad range of clients.

Flexibility & Independence

Our structure supports entrepreneurial, self-directed, and growth-oriented advisers and CPA firms who want to be in charge of their own success.

Industry Leading Technology

We’ve conducted the due diligence for you and integrated a scalable, robust, and ever-evolving technology suite that can be customized to your needs.

Partners with a Shared Vision 

Our partnership is built on client focus, collaboration, and shared vision. We offer a synergistic, peer-supported culture.


How it works


During this phase, we clearly define the relationship and set up the company, including all necessary contracts, solicitor agreements, and registration requirements.


Next, we begin marketing to your client base to “date before we marry,” so to speak. We define the client on-boarding process, educate any existing employees as needed, and integrate technology.


In the third phase, we start staffing your firm, continue to leverage COSYNTRIS’s resources to build your practice, and implement a branding strategy. Our firm will do everything from logo and naming work, to helping set up a custom presence for your firm, to stand alone with it’s own identity and brand in your market..

COSYNTRIS has your back by setting you up for future success. During the management phase, the goal is long-term, profitable, mutually beneficial relationships with clients choosing your firm.


Our Platforms

Our Solutions

Breaking Away from Wall Street

We support advisors that want to break away from Wall Street firms, allow other firms to leverage our platform to start their own firm, or join COSYNTRIS directly. Our team offers what we believe to be industry-leading tools and a network of advisors and professionals to support your growth.

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Firm Management Technology Suite

COSYNTRIS offers an affordable, robust, and ever-evolving technology suite that can be customized to your needs, including custodial relationships, portfolio performance software, and financial planning tools. Gain access to technology used by some of the best RIAs, CPAs, and Advisors in the country.

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Transition & Succession Services

Transitions and successions can be difficult and emotional. With COSYNTRIS, you can seamlessly transition out of your firm without sacrificing your clients' or your firm's best interests.

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Maximize Client Value

Are you looking for a way to maximize value for your clients? COSYNTRIS Advisory Network will take care of the necessary requirements to run a successful wealth management firm: compliance requirements, critical client performance experience, and assisting your firm through a branding process.

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The Client is First

Maintain your clients’ best interest. Unlike larger financial institutions, we help you stay in control of your clients’ experience. CAN understands the nature of the CPA-client relationship and your importance, and sees itself as simply an extension of that relationship.

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Our Story

About Cosyntris

If vision, values, and relationships matter to you more than production goals and corner offices, COSYNTRIS is for you.

COSYNTRIS™ Advisory Network is a full-service Registered Investment Advisor seeking partners who are focused on enhancing and growing their practices through a cutting edge technology platform, a flexible practice model, and a collaborative, peer-supported culture.

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At COSYNTRIS, we want to discuss your needs and goals to identify the best strategy for you and your firm. Tell us a little bit about your firm and COSYNTRIS will reach out to discuss your options.

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